Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Baughman's Cemetery

Flag and Tree in the Cemetery Center

      I would first like to say, for such a small cemetery this place has acquired a huge reputation. From research I have heard this site even called one of the 'top haunted cemeteries in the United States'. I believe reputation and word of mouth has made this location more of a tall tale; however some truth may lie in the claims.

Driving into Baughman's Cemetery
      Heading north from Tyrone, Pennsylvania on Old Route 220, I made a left turn onto Van Scoyoc Road. Approximately a quarter-mile ahead I kept left onto Baughman Cemetery Rd. I was now driving down an old gravel lane leading up the hill to the cemetery. The site is laid out in a circular fashion with a huge evergreen tree in the center. A small grounds-keeper shed sits in one of the far corners of the old plots.

Old Maintenance Shed
      So why is this place supposedly one of the most haunted locations in the U.S? Frist, there is a story of a person who hung him self in the treeline left of the entrance. The person's spirit is said to be seen hanging when the moon is out to light the woods. A phantom horse is also seen running briskly through the grave yard. Another claim is of ghost children playing and placing their hand prints on curious people's dirty or snow covered vehicles. The childlike spirits have also been known to play a game of Hide and Seek with willing ghost hunters at night.

Trees where spirits play games
      Having been to this area dozens of times in daylight and moonlight, I have had very few and unexplained occurrences happen to me. At night the cemetery does give you an eerie feeling, more so than other cemeteries I have visited at night. Even with very little evidence of a haunting, the stories in the community and internet continue to feed the eager ears of believers who want to get a glimpse of this 'famous' location.


  1. Do you have any information of why it was named after the Baughman last name? I am related to the family, and trying to learn as much as possible as i can, seeing i was adopted i do not know much about the Baughman last name. Any information would be wonderful Thank you.

    1. See my article about the cemetery and the Baughmans here: